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Water, Environment and Climate Change: Knowledge Sharing and Partnership

The high increase rates of population in the developing world and climate change has produced more stress on the water resources affecting the environment adversely. A concern has been raised to formulate climate resilient policies for sustainable development. The need of the hour is to focus on securing the future by working in tandem with the present. Around the world, rigorous human activity and natural forces have affected the water resources largely. Despite rising awareness among the masses, there is still a gap between practicality and theoretical knowledge imparted to them. Moreover, despite warning from the experts, there is lack of coordination between scientific knowledge and best practices suited for water resources and environmental management. Climate change and the difference in the natural availability of water also posses a hurdle to a sustainable development of the resources. Keeping in mind the challenges posed to the country at large for water, environment and climate change, the theme has been zeroed down to- “Water, Environment and Climate Change: Knowledge Sharing and Partnership.”  

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Our Speakers


Professor, Southeast University, Nanjing, China


Partner, Head of PPP & Infrastructure (Asia Pacific)

Prof. Xun Wu

Professor, Division of Social Science and Division of Environment Director, Institute for Public Policy Director, Leadership and Public Policy (Executive Education)

Prof. Mukand Singh Babel

Water Engineering and Management, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand.

Dr. Hak-Soo-Lee

President of Asia Water Council, CEO of Korea Water

Dr. Srinivasa Lingireddy

Chief Technology Officer, KYPIPE LLC, USA. President, Fluid Hammer Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, India

P.E. Pamela Elardo

Deputy commissioner (TBC) Bureau of Wastewater Treatment, New work City

Dissemination of Faecal Sludge Management on National Level

SOPHEN and TSTWSSSP had jointly organized a National Workshop on "Faecal Sludge Management Institutional and Regulatory Framework at National Level" on 6th September, 2018. The workshop was inaugurated by Hon. Minister of Forest and Environment, Mr Shakti B. Basnet. The program was participated by Hon. MPs, Dr B. N .Lohani, Former Minister, Er. Ganesh Shah, DG of DWSS, DOE, DUDBC, NPC, DoEnv., Former member Dr Sunil Babu Shrestha and MUAN Persident, Mr. Ashok Byanju. Mayors from selected municipalities of all province were invited on the workshop. In the mean time, "Proceedings" of International Conference on "Water, Environment and Climate Change: Knowledge Sharing and Partnership" was also launched. The workshop brought together more than 110 engineers, professionals, academicians and experts from various sectors under one roof for the rigorous and relevant discussion on Faecal Sludge Management as a part of sanitation in all levels of Federal Structure of Nepal.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery 

1Aashish Ghimire14Life66Dhruba Raj Sharma29Life131Kiran K. Bhattarai282Life196Nischal Subedi302Life261Reetu Rajbhandari370Life
2Ajaya Dixit143Life67Dhruba Raj Thapa138Life132Kiran Kumar Chitrakar229Life197Noor Kumar Tamrakar148Life262Rishi Bahadur Adhikari66Life
3Amar Neku178Life68Dhrubha Mani Paudel97Life133Kishore Kumar Shakya42Life198Padam Bahadur Kunwar298Life263Robin Lal Chitrakar78Life
4Amir Man Palikhe106Life69Dhundi Raj Dahal103Life134Krishna Mani Lamichhane77Life199Parikshit Shrestha61Life264Roshan Man Singh Pradhan60Life
5Amodh Dhital162Life70Dibya Khadgi173Life135Krishna Prasad Acharya113Life200Pawan Kumar Shrestha110Life265Salik Ram Paudel216Life
6Amrit Sindhu Shrestha291Life71Dilip Khatiwada300Life136Krishna Prasad Paudel186Life201Phatta Bahadur Thapa305Life266Salil Devkota205Life
7Anand Mohan Lal Das71Life72Dilip Kumar Pradhan122Life137Krishna Prasad Shrestha49Life202Poshan Nath Nepal21Life267Sanjaya Devkota149Life
8Ananta Prasad Gautam157Life73Dinesh Bajracharya142Life138Krishna Rana68Life203Prabhat Mishra147Life268Sanjiv Bikram Rana188Life
9Anil Bhadra Khanal80Life74Dinesh Chalise140Life139Kuldeep Ratna303Life204Prabhat Shrestha366Life269Sano Kaji Karki56Life
10Anil Pokharel211Life75Dinesh Chandra Devkota185Life140Kushumakar Sharma115Life205Pradip Kumar Mudvari101Life270Santosh Kokh-Shrestha273Life
11Anil Prasad Kesari297Life76Dinesh Raj Manandhar2Life141Lalit Kumar Basnet152Life206Prajan Hada354Life271Santosh Kumar Shrestha294Life
12Anil Upadhyaya1Life77Dinesh Singh Malla328Life142Laxman K.C.272Life207Prakash Raj Lamsal59Life272Sarad Raj Shrestha262Life
13Anish Ghimire374Life78Dipak Kumar Amatya124Life143Laxman Kharal277Life
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