Conference Objectives

The high increase rates of population in the developing world and climate change has produced more stress on the water resources affecting the environment adversely. A concern has been raised to formulate climate resilient policies for sustainable development. The need of the hour is to focus on securing the future by working in tandem with the present. Around the world, rigorous human activity and natural forces have affected the water resources largely. Despite rising awareness among the masses, there is still a gap between practicality and theoretical knowledge imparted to them. Moreover, despite warning from the experts, there is a lack of coordination between scientific knowledge and best practices suited for water resources and environmental management. Climate change and the difference in the natural availability of water also poses a hurdle to a sustainable development of the resources. Keeping in mind the challenges posed to the country at large for water, environment and climate change, the theme has been zeroed down to- “Water, Environment and Climate Change: Knowledge Sharing and Partnership.”
This conference is inspired by the critical challenge of water, human, environmental, and economic sustainability concerning the present and future generations. The specific objectives are:
to bring together professionals, academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, government and non-government institutions to discuss and deliberate on challenges, opportunities, and strategies involved in water and environmental issues,
the conference will provide a global forum to academia, researchers and practicing managers to discuss critical issues concerning environment and sustainable water resources management,
provide an opportunity to have very interactive and discussion-based sessions so that the attending delegates can get the opportunity to share the knowledge and partnership, and outline recommendations to policy makers & international communities to address water, environment and climate change issues.